What We Do

The Freeman Group’s focus is on Multicultural brands in the marketplace.

We have established relationships with customers in the multicultural beauty, nail, and mass market fields, which have been developed and span over four generations.

The Freeman Group works closely with our customers to establish an effective strategy for consistent sell through of merchandise. The Freeman group spends the time doing presentations and workshops to familiarize customers with the various lines and their entry into the marketplace.

Sales & Merchandising

Our customers are confident in The Freeman Group’s prompt follow through and know they’re getting the best service. Additional services beyond beauty brokerage representation is also available through our merchandising reps. The Freeman Group has dedicated merchandising rep teams who visit customers to provide in-store merchandising, product knowledge, and update customers on newness.

Our dedicated teams are specialists trained in the art of product presentation and can provide customers with merchandising solutions. This level of support and service is synonymous with The Freeman Group and result in the optimization of sales for manufacturers.

Business Channels

Covering the Western US & Mexico
- Full Service Distributors
- Re- Distributors
- Multicultural Distributors
- Latin Distributors
- Beauty Supply Chains
- Nail Distributors
- Alternative Market Opportunities